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My name is Paulien Pierik

I am a CEO-turned-business-coach, and I help coaches, therapists and healers create an authentic and powerful online presence, so that they can get more clients and make more impact with more ease and less overwhelm.

It is my passion to help entrepreneurs step into their full potential.

I am also a mum of 2, lover of everything new (and shiny!), lover of GIFs, an avid egalitarian and an eternal yoyo-dieter.

Building a purpose-driven online business is the most exciting and fulfilling job in the world. With an online business, you can make a difference in the world!

I still remember the first time I was introduced to email (that was still brand new at the time and my university was one of the first in the world to roll it out for students). The potential of digital communication just blew my mind. And ever since, I've simply loved the possibilities that the global internet has to offer, especially for us online entrepreneurs!

As a change maker, someone who wants to make the world a better place, there has never been a better time than now to make a truly global impact with your business!

are you ready to make the impact you were meant to make?

Here's how i help my clients get

More Income & Impact


Your way to 5k - 1-on-1 program

Create an aligned online presence, so that you can get visible and enroll new clients with integrity, and without being online 24x7. For coaches, healers and therapists who are ready to get their business off the ground. Learn More >>


change maker mastermind

The Change Maker Mastermind is my 6-month intimate group coaching experience for coaches, therapists and similar change makers who are making a steady income, and who are now ready for more visibility & impact. Learn More >>



If you are ready to build a team and scale your business, then my CEO mentoring is for you! I will guide you in the process of stepping into those CEO shoes with my 15+ years of CEO experience! Learn More >>

here's what others say about

Working With Paulien

Paulien, you are my go to person when it comes to Social Media!


Paulien is very supportive and knows when to push you and when to give you time. She will always try to figure out what’s holding you back, and gives you tons of energy. This has been very valuable for me during the process of building my business.


Paulien has been an incredible inspiration and constant source of ideas, motivation and practical advice.


Paulien really cares about your development, as a person and as a business. Her knowledge, but even more so her personal guidance and structured coaching (with easy tools and worksheets) will for sure help you get to a higher level in your business.


I would describe Paulien as: very intelligent, sharp, caring about people, hard-working, and a great leader.


Thank you so much for your amazing help Paulien Pierik! I was so confused before I spoke to you and now I have a clear direction for my business. You were so quick to understand my business and had such awesome ideas that I can implement straight away to increase my profitability. I am looking forward to working with you more!


and here are the

fun facts about Paulien

➤ As a child, I wanted to be a psychologist. And a mathematician. And study languages. Multipassionate at a very young age ha!

➤ I am a lover of anything new and shiny. People, books, places to travel, social media platforms, gadgets, you name it.

➤ I LOVE nineties music, especially grunge and happy hardcore. Took me a while to admit that, but now I OWN it.

➤ I am an avid egalitarian, human rights in the broadest sense of the world matter to me. As does sustainability.

➤ I have 2 kids, Hidde (8) and Rosalieke (12), a partner Mark, and an Australian Labradoodle Lexi. They keep me busy when I am not working!

➤ I love running and boxing, but my relationship with exercise is a rocky one (hence the eternal yoyo dieting)…

➤ My MBTI type is ENFP and my Clifton Strengths are: Strategic, Achiever, Individualization, Activator, Learner. I am a registered MBTI coach too.


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