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To enroll new clients, without being online 24x7, and without marketing and sales tactics that just don't feel aligned?

Your Coach, Paulien Pierik

Business Coach & Marketing Strategist

Contrary to most coaches in the online space, Paulien actually started 2 businesses before she became a business coach. One of these businesses grew to over $100 million in annual sales and 100 staff. And one of them failed to make it, after raising over half a million in start-up funding. There really isn't a business challenge that Paulien hasn't seen!

She also has a MSc in Business, and Entrepreneurship Training from Harvard Business School.

Paulien helps clients from all over the world start and grow their businesses online in an aligned, and ethical way, using personalised sales and marketing strategies. She loves working with coaches, therapists and healers who are camera shy, don't like fluffy marketing, and who are willing to step outside their comfort zones in order to make an impact in the world.

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Your way to 5k - 1-on-1 coaching program

Create an aligned online presence, so that you can get visible and enroll new clients with integrity, and without being online 24x7. For coaches, healers and therapists who are ready to get their business off the ground.

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change maker mastermind

The Change Maker Mastermind is my 6-month intimate group coaching experience for coaches, therapists and similar change makers who are making a steady income, and who are now ready for more visibility & impact.

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CEO 1-on-1 mentoring

If you are ready to build a team and scale your business, then my CEO mentoring is for you! I will guide you in the process of stepping into those CEO shoes with my 15+ years of CEO experience!

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Download your Free Printable Visibility Plan now!

The 30-Minute Visibility Plan will help you create a laser-focused weekly action plan, so that you can focus on the RIGHT activities to increase your visibility & enroll more clients, without overwhelm, and in just 30 minutes a day. Whoop whoop!

Daniela Montagner pivoted her business

I truly recommend working with Paulien to any entrepreneur who wants to take the right steps at the right time, without wasting time and money in self-made, stubborn and pointless attempts to grow a business.

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Change Maker Collective


The Change Maker Collective is a super engaged Facebook Community with over 650 change makers just like you! In this group, I provide weekly free trainings, feedback, and there's a weekly Q&A. Come join us here >>

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Paulien's Blog


Read my blog to learn all about business strategy, social media, online marketing, and how to build an online business that makes an impact in the world!

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